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A photo of a plywood replica of a Columbia River dugout canoe
Andy McCallum on the Willamette River.

One Moon - A tape seam plywood replica of a Columbia River dugout canoe.

LOA = 14' - LWL = 12' - Beam = 34" - Hull Depth = 11" - Wt = 55 lbs

This is a replica of a Columbia River cedar dugout canoe. The design is based on drawings made in the 1830's & 1840's of canoes on the Columbia and Willamette rivers and on measurements taken of a Makah dugout at Neah Bay WA in 1880. The drawings identified these as Chinook dugouts but I am told that they may be Nootkan canoes purchased from the North. This canoe was made by our son, Andrew McCallum, as a High School Project. Since he gave me the "Two Moons" name and this was a smaller design, I called it "One Moon". The boat is made from plywood, epoxy and fiberglass with hand carved cedar bow & stern decorations. The original canoes were carved out of cedar logs.

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